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"Immune Booster Works!"

"My cat Gryffon began having serious urinary issues at 4 yrs old. The vets were stumped as to the cause of his urine blockages(there were no crystals or mucus plugsfound during his multiple emergency procedures).After the second such occurrence I was told there were two options, bypass surgery (where theyredirect the urethra and create a new exit, essentially he would end up urinating similar to a female cat) or medication. They recommended I choose the medication and assured me that it would “fix” the problem (interestingly enough, the medication is only allowed to be administered short term as it can be dangerous to the pets health). A couple of weeks later Gryffon was back at the vet with the same problem…the surgery was performed and Gryffon came home.
The vets warned me that he would be more susceptible to urinary infections so I took precautions and put him on pet-tek Urinary Defense. Everything seemed to be back on track, Gryffon was in good health and he didn’t appear to have any lasting effects from his surgery, and even though they assured me he would develop some kind of UTI his health stayed clean.

Then about a year and a half later Gryffon started losing weight and was very lethargic, his eating didn’t seem to suffer and there wasn’t a noticeable change in his drinking or litter box use, however I took him to a vet when it became apparent that this was not just a phase. I was given terrifying news…Gryffon had developed Stage 4 Kidney damage. I was devastated, how could this have happened? According to the new vet there had been damage done to Gryffon’s kidneys due to his previous urine blockages. The amount of stress that a cat’s body goes through during ONE urine blockage is often enough to trigger irreparable damage to their kidney's (this is something that all vets know, but not something that had been told to me). Gryffon was immediately started on medication and potassium supplements in an attempt to stop the damage from getting any worse…Kidney damage is irreversible and in most cases it eventually leads to complete shutdown of kidney functions. The follow up test showed slightly improved counts but seemed to cement the fact that Gryffon was in trouble.

Enter pet-tek IMMUNE BOOSTER! After 6 months of using the Immune Booster I had Gryffon in for another follow up test, imagine the vet’s surprise when the results showed that his counts had been cut in half! Gryffon went from a high stage 4 count to a low stage 2 count after just 6 months of using the Immune Booster in addition to his medication. This is almost unheard of in the world of kidney damage! Immune Booster is giving us a chance at having a future, I can’t express how truly grateful I am!"

Lisa, Leduc, Alberta 2011

"Pet-tek works!"

"We were fortunate enough to have been able to use this product prior to sale to the general public in 2006 when our 5 1/2 yr old Golden Retriever was diagnosed with hip displasia. Looking back there were signs that we didn’t identify as the indication of bigger things to come. She was not able to sit or lay square, after a 30 minute walk or run at the park she would limp noticeably, but in the end the worst was her not being able to get up from lying down without a lot of effort and pain. We needed a miracle and Pet-tek was it!
When she was first diagnosed there were treatment options given…surgery (very expensive and no guarantee to increase her quality of life) or the pain medication Rymadil. They also advised to reduce her weight 7-10lbs, at the time she was approx. 75lbs... and a bit heavy. We put her on Rymadil while we were investigating the surgery and the medication changed her personality, she became very ‘dopey’ and unhappy…that was no increase to her quality of life except that it took away the pain. Also with everything we read about this drug and its side effects we knew that there had to be another option.

We found out about pet-tek about a month after her initial dose of Rymadil so we weaned her off that and started her on Pet-tek drug free. It has changed her life and ours! It wasn’t long before she was able to jump, run and play like she did as a pup. She can lay square again, and although we have not had a follow-up x-ray done it appears the muscle, tendons, etc. have redeveloped….pet-tek helped her body heal itself.

I honestly can’t say enough about the product, pet-tek gave us our dog back, and because of that I will be eternally grateful!"

Lorena, Regina, Saskatchewan

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